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Fishing Gear For The Amateur

Fishing is the best form of relaxation for young and elderly adults alike. For those are interested in fishing, there are a lot of resources to choose from in order to get them started. Before buying any equipment, it is important to decide where the exercise has to be done and what types of fishes are found in that region (this will ultimately decide what and what not to carry in the kit). So if you plan a hunting vacation in Alabama, be sure to be well prepared. For someone who plans to fish on a boat in the ocean, the equipment would be very different from someone who wants to do the same in a river or in a lake. However for beginners, it is best to start by exploring the freshwater lakes and gain some experience before venturing out to the seas. The equipment required for fishing in these areas has been described in the subsequent sections.

Rod: Rod is the first thing that needs to be bought. There are a lot of options to choose from which vary in terms of size, style and shape. When selecting a rod, make sure that it fits into one hand and the grip is firm. Do not buy one which is oversized and using which might become uncomfortable. A medium weight graphite fishing rod is highly recommended at this point. This rod is the most general and is apt for catching different types of fishes. Once you get some experience, you may want to try rods that are more fish specific in nature. Remember that buying an expensive rod for a rookie is not worth the cost. The rod can be purchased separate or in combo with a reel.

Lines and Hooks: After the rod, it is the line which should be given its due importance. A good line is one which can clear approx. 10 pound test. Further, it should also be a clear mono-filament. Hooks are categorized as numbers and buying the correct one can be tricky. For a beginner, an 8 - 10 number hook should do the trick (the numbers work in reverse order i.e. the larger the number, the smaller is the hook). With time, you may shift to barbless hooks which allows the fisher to attach and detach the hook must more easily from the fish. The same can also be done by using pliers to break off the barb.

Bait: Fishing requires using of bait to lure the fishes. It works as a trap which would vary depending upon the target fish. For freshwater fishes, unarguably the best bait is live worms. Larger fishes would require baits such as minnows and crayfish. Do some research on what bait to use before buying. You may also take advice from the shopkeeper as usually they are expert fishermen themselves. Just remember that the bait should look natural in order to increase the probability for a fish coming to get it.

Apart from these essentials, you may also want to buy items like weighs, sinkers, bobbers and lures. These are accessories that help in making the bait look very natural to the fishes.